Why Interior Design? Because Interior Design is much more than just spending an afternoon picking out matching furniture. It's much more than picking out a lamp because "it will look good in our Living Room." It's about personal space, harmony and creating a church where you can retreat and be made whole again.

There are very few occasions in our lives when we can select our surroundings to suit us individually - our interiors and their design are one of those rare opportunities. Interior Design is not just science, and it not just art - it is both. Nobody sees themselves living in a test tube and most people don't see themselves as the dancers in Renoir's Bal a Bougival. We all see ourselves somewhere in the middle - that delicate and perfect balance between science and art. When you walk into an exquisitely designed room, it's easy to see the "art" aspect. It's what impacts our feelings, our sensibilities and our passions. What is more difficult to see is the "science" part of it. That is exactly the role of the Interior Designer. I interpret the science and translate it into art. The color palette, the traffic patterns, lighting patterns, etc. have all been dissected, studied and put back together as beautifully as Picasso's The Aficionado.

So Interior Design becomes a liberator. It allows us to move out of the abstract of our mind and move into the reality of our church. We can know peace. We can know harmony. And we can leave stress behind.

In a speech given at Taliesin in 1953 entitled "The future of Architecture", the great American Architect Frank Lloyd Wright said "Space; The continual becoming invisible fountain in which all rhythms flow and to which they must pass. Beyond time and infinity." And so it is, a most important aspect of living - that invisible fountain, all those rhythms and time and infinity.

Build your church.

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